Suspect Arrested After Breaking Into Mayor’s Home

( – Los Angeles police officers have arrested a man who broke into the city mayor’s home. It’s just the latest incident in a crime wave that’s sweeping California. Conservatives are blaming liberal politicians and DAs for the upsurge in offenses. Ironically, the LA mayor is one of the ones pushing hardest for liberal policies on law and order.

Around 6:40 a.m. on April 21, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass was at home with her family in Getty House, her official residence on Irving Boulevard, when 29-year-old Ephraim Matthew Hunter allegedly broke a window and entered the house. The Los Angeles Police Department responded and arrested Hunter, who spent seven years in prison for kidnapping and attempted murder after he beat a man with a hammer in Massachusetts.

Hunter apparently injured himself during the break-in, but Bass and her family were unharmed. This is the second break-in at Bass’s home in two years; in 2022, when she was running for mayor, two armed intruders were arrested after breaking into her home and stealing two handguns.

Bass, who spent almost 12 years in the House of Representatives as a Democrat congresswoman, became the first female mayor of Los Angeles in December 2022. Since then, she’s worked hard to push “progressive” policies, particularly on law and order. For example, Bass helped bring in laws limiting cash bail — which is slightly ironic, because Hunter is now being held on a $50,000 bond. She’s currently focusing on homelessness; in mid-April, she asked rich LA residents to contribute money to fund housing for the city’s estimated 46,000 homeless people, despite having hit them with a 4% sales tax on high-end houses that was also supposed to house the homeless.

On April 22, Bass held a press conference but refused to answer questions about the break-in.

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