Super Bowl Champion Turns Himself In

( – Speeding can have serious consequences, not only for those who choose to break the road laws but also for unsuspecting victims. Rashee Rice, a Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver, was recently allegedly involved in an incident that resulted in a serious car crash, injuring several people. He reportedly left the scene afterward but has now turned himself in to authorities.

On March 30, Rice was driving his Lamborghini alongside another driver, 21-year-old Theodore Knox, in a street race on the North Central Expressway in Dallas, Texas. According to authorities, the two drivers were speeding — Rice was clocked at 119mph — and lost control of their vehicles, crashing into four other cars. Initial reports said four were injured, but that count was updated to seven. Police issued a warrant for his arrest on Wednesday, April 10.

The following day, April 11, Rice surrendered to the Glenn Heights Police Department, which then sent him to the DeSoto regional jail on a $5,000 bond. He faces eight charges, including six counts of a collision involving injury, and one count each of a collision involving serious bodily injury and aggravated assault, the latter of which is the most serious per legal experts. Knox faces the same charges.

Because Texas law mandates that those involved in an accident, even if there are no injuries, exchange their personal information as well as vehicle registration number and insurance, Rice could be on the hook for jail time and a fine.

Rice is due to report to the offseason program for the Chiefs, but it’s not clear if he will be attending Phase I, which is virtual, or if the team will keep him away while the criminal charges play out. NBC Sports reports that there’s a possibility Rice could be put on paid leave or even released from the team.

The wide receiver previously issued a statement saying he would “take full responsibility” for his actions.

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