Sunscreen Recalled Nationwide, Just in Time for Summer

( – A Nevada-based skincare company has recalled one of its flagship products over potential mold contamination. Suntegrity Skincare says a batch of its sunscreens could cause skin infections. With summer approaching it’s a bad time for this particular product to have issues.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has circulated a recall notice for Suntegrity’s Impeccable Skin Sunscreen Foundation. This product combines a makeup foundation layer with a protective sun blocker and comes in multiple shades. In tests, the company found that one lot contained mold, and over time the organism grew to produce a “higher than acceptable microbiological mold count.”

The problem was found in Lot No. 115BU, a buff-colored product sold in a two-ounce tube. This lot wasn’t shipped, but out of “an abundance of caution” the company has issued a voluntary recall for eight more batches:

  • Ivory, Lot No. 107IV
  • Nude, Lot No. 107NU
  • Nude, Lot No. 109NU
  • Buff, Lot No. 117BU
  • Sand, Lot No. 113SA
  • Sand, Lot No. 114SA
  • Bronze, Lot No.106BR
  • Mocha, Lot No. 101MO

All these batches are potentially contaminated with Aspergillus sydowii, a mold that’s usually found in soil. It can cause several human diseases if inhaled, including aspergillosis, a serious lung disease, but the FDA is warning that the risk from the sunscreen comes from applying it to open wounds or sunburned skin. If that happens, it could cause a fungal skin infection or possibly eye problems.

Suntegrity has contacted its distributors and customers who bought the affected products directly from them. The company says anyone who bought sunscreen from the suspect batches should contact the retailer to exchange it. The FDA is also asking anyone who suffers a reaction from the sunscreen to report it through their Adverse Event Reporting site. However, so far there haven’t been any reports of anyone suffering any harm from the products.

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