Armando Silvestre Dead at 98 Years Old

( – This year has been one for the books in terms of celebrity deaths. Richard Lewis, Glynis Johns, and M. Emmett Walsh are just a few who have died, leaving behind enormous legacies. Now, Armando Silvestre, a prominent actor in the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema era, has passed away.

The Hollywood Reporter learned of Silvestre’s death, which occurred on Sunday, June 2, in Coronado, California. He was a prominent Mexican-American actor who appeared in many films, including “Here Comes Martin Corona,” “Two Mules for Sister Sara,” and “La Choca.” Throughout his prolific career, he was credited with more than 200 roles.

Silvestre’s story began on January 28, 1926. He was born in the United States but grew up in Tijuana, Mexico. He initially dropped out of college and pursued a career as a bullfighter, but after suffering a gruesome injury, he chose to go into acting. It was a good career move and he stayed busy for decades.

The actor first appeared in Mexican movies in 1948 and excelled in Westerns and action movies. Some were made in his adopted home country, but he eventually moved on to American movies including the 1951 flick “Apache Drums,” “Geronimo,” and “The White Orchid,” featuring Peggie Castle.

It’s said that a love affair with fellow movie star Linda Christian, who jilted her previous lover, then-president of Mexico, Miguel Alemán Valdés, led to Silvestre staying in the US for a while after the Mexican leader had him threatened.

In the US, he appeared in many American TV shows, such as “Wonder Woman,” “Daniel Boone,” and “The F.B.I.” His last work was in the soap opera “Waking Up with You.” From 2016 to 2017, he appeared in more than 90 episodes of the show.

Silvestre, who was 98 at the time of his death, is survived by his wife, casting director and actress Blanca Estela Limón, and one daughter, Anabel.

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