Steven Spielberg Backs Biden

( – Steven Spielberg is one of the most talented movie directors in the world. In a career spanning more than 50 years, he’s achieved huge successes that include Jaws, ET, and Jurassic Park. Now it seems he’s trying his hand as a political strategist — but will getting President Joe Biden reelected be too much for even Spielberg’s genius?

On May 2, entertainment news site Puck reported that Steven Spielberg has been taking a break from movie work to assist Biden’s election campaign. The director has a long history of backing Democrats and is a close friend of former president Bill Clinton. He’s donated more than $800,000 to Democrat candidates, and another $1 million to Priorities USA Action, a super PAC that supported Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 campaign and Biden’s 2020 one.

Spielberg has also thrown his weight behind several left-wing causes and resigned from the board of Boy Scouts of America in 2001 because it wasn’t supportive enough of gay rights.

Left-of-center political views are common enough in Hollywood, and Spielberg’s support for Biden is no surprise. However, it seems he’s going beyond just donating and giving an endorsement this time around. According to Puck, he’s involved in planning August’s Democratic National Convention, although exact details of what he’s doing are vague.

Whatever he’s doing, Spielberg’s involvement in Biden’s campaign makes sense. One of the national co-chairs of the campaign is Jeffrey Katzenberg, who cofounded DreamWorks Pictures with Spielberg in 1994. With Biden struggling in the polls, particularly among younger voters disillusioned by his support for Israel, it’s easy to see why Katzenberger would bring his old partner in to help out.

Spielberg has made audiences believe in man-eating sharks, aliens, and genetically engineered dinosaurs. If he can make voters believe President Biden deserves another four years in the White House, that may be the most remarkable achievement of his career.

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