State Department Official Quits After Biden Supports Israel

( – The war between Israel and Hamas is starting to reveal cracks on the political left. Mainstream Democrats have traditionally supported Israel, but some on the far-left are pro-Palestinian. That divide is beginning to show.

On October 18, a senior State Department official resigned, and he helpfully posted a letter on his LinkedIn page to explain why. Josh Paul, a director in the department’s Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, was involved in supervising US arms sales to our allies — and, over the past 50 years, Israel has been one of the best customers for US weapons. Right now the Jewish state is fighting for its life against a new and brutal campaign by Hamas, an Iranian-backed terrorist group, and President Biden has pledged as much military support as Israel needs.

That hasn’t pleased Paul, though. In his online complaint, he said he’d found his job “fascinating” and “immensely challenging — intellectually and morally.” He claimed that in 11 years at the State Department, he had made many moral compromises. However, it seems supporting Israel against terrorist violence is one “compromise” he isn’t willing to make.

Paul acknowledged that the October 7 massacre by Hamas, which killed around 1,500 Israelis, was “a monstrosity of monstrosities” — but then he went on to slam Israel’s retaliation, which has seen Hamas targets in Gaza heavily bombed while the Israeli military prepares for a ground offensive. He called the Biden administration’s response to the attack “an impulsive reaction” and blamed it on pro-Israel bias and “moral bankruptcy.” Paul also claimed the Israeli military offensive would make the situation worse in the long run.

The first US weapons shipment to Israel since the Hamas onslaught landed on October 10; National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan says we’re sending ammunition and interceptor missiles for Israel’s Iron Dome system, which is the country’s main shield against the steady rain of missiles Hamas fires at its towns and cities.

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