Singer Walks Off Stage After Arguing with Audience

( – John Mellencamp has been performing on stages to sold-out crowds since the 1980s. He’s known for being controversial, talking about politics and current events in the middle of performing his sets. He has also quit the music industry several times. In a recent concert, he reportedly became irritated with the fans and stormed off stage, albeit temporarily.

In March, Mellencamp was performing in Toledo, Ohio. During the middle of his set, he took the time to discuss a recent encounter he had — but not everyone wanted to hear about it. In a viral video on X, formerly Twitter, one man reportedly shouted from the crowd, “Play some music!” which prompted the singer to say, “What do you think I’ve been doing?”

The man’s protest drew others to join the chorus of heckling and booing. Mellencamp, never one to shy away, engaged the crowd and even said to one of his staff, “find this guy and let me see him after the show.”

The video prompted a round of misinformation on social media, namely people who said that Mellencamp stormed off stage after the crowd booed him as he was expressing his support for President Joe Biden. That wasn’t true.

Fed up with the crowd’s antics, Mellencamp said he was “going to cut about ten songs out of the show.” He began playing one, then stopped and walked off stage. He did return, though, and finished out the show as scheduled. He played some of his most popular hits and some he wrote in recent years, including “The Eyes of Portland,” “Human Wheels,” and “Longest Days.”

Mellencamp later spoke with The Washington Post about the incident, noting that while he’s “not for everyone anymore,” he still “expect[s] etiquette inside of the theater.” He said anyone who wants to come to the show to get drunk, “scream and yell,” please don’t.

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