Senator Tillis and Others Call for Biden’s Removal Using 25th Amendment

( – When someone is elected President of the United States, there’s a reasonable expectation that they can do the job they’re voted in for. However, there are Constitutional measures in place to remove the sitting commander-in-chief if they show signs of not being healthy enough to serve in the leadership role. At least one lawmaker says this is the case with President Joe Biden and is calling for his removal.

On Monday, July 1, Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) penned an op-ed for CNN and he had a lot to say about Biden’s performance at the June 27 debate. He said when he watched the event, his “initial reaction was profound sadness” because he, along with the rest of America had to watch Biden “repeatedly lose his train of thought, utter incoherencies and project lethargy.”

Tillis notes that there are definitive effects to aging, including physical and cognitive decline, but it’s “not normal” to put that on display in front of a country when you’re its leader and running for that role once again. The senator makes the point that if it were a regular company, and this was its CEO, that person would not be allowed to lead. The same, he says, should be true for the leader of the free world.

Tillis said Congress and Biden’s cabinet should take into consideration several questions, including whether he has the characteristics needed to lead the country — or the world — through a crisis or large-scale conflict with the opportunity to grow into more.

Tillis said he’s not attacking the president. In fact, he says “Biden is a decent man who cares about the country,” but he does not feel he is fit to lead anymore. He is asking Biden to step down and if he isn’t willing to, that his Cabinet consider invoking the 25th Amendment, removing him from office.

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