Medicare Becomes Huge Talking Point Ahead of 2024 Election

( – Following on from a disastrous presidential debate, Medicare looks set to become a major issue in November’s election. That could be a serious problem for President Joe Biden. His GOP challenger, Donald Trump, has been pushing hard on the Medicare issue since the president stumbled badly over it during the debate.

On June 22, Trump held a rally at Philadelphia’s Temple University, and he brought up both Social Security and Medicare. He said if he’s re-elected he “will not cut one penny” from either of the programs, then went on to say Biden is destroying both by allowing millions of illegal immigrants to enter the US. He also pointed out that Biden has cut Medicare Advantage payments two years in a row.

Then, on June 27, Trump and Biden met face-to-face for the first presidential debate. As Biden tried to win over voters with a list of his plans for a second term, he lost track of what he was talking about and froze for several seconds. Then, snapping out of his confusion, he blurted out “Look, we finally beat Medicare.”

Trump, without missing a beat, replied “He’s right, he did beat Medicare, beat it to death.” Then he rammed home the point he’d made at the rally, about mass immigration endangering Medicare and Social Security by making them unaffordable.

The Biden administration has tried to claim the Medicare Advantage cuts will just reduce profits made by the insurance companies contracted to the program, but industry experts say it could add up to $33 a month in costs to more than 30 million Americans who use it — and many of them are over-65ers who live on fixed incomes and could suffer badly from the extra expense.

With the election campaign moving into high gear, their worries could be a big problem for President Biden.

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