Ronna McDaniel Expected To Step Down Soon

( – Ronna McDaniel, the longest serving Republican National Committee (RNC) chair in recent history, is likely to step down near the end of February. She remained fiercely loyal to former President Donald Trump throughout her service to the committee, but the two butted heads over the Republican debates, and her lackluster funding efforts left the MAGA leader critical of her leadership. Now, they both appear ready to shift gears.

Fox News reports that McDaniel began her run as RNC chair shortly after Trump won in the November 2016 elections, and she went on to get re-elected for three subsequent terms. Despite her most recent win in January 2023, she saw increasing criticism from members of the far-Right who believed she fell too far toward the mainstream. Her relationship with Trump deteriorated after she refused to cancel the Republican debates, opting to go ahead without him when he declared that he wouldn’t be participating.

The RNC chair’s support has also waned over her inability to meet the Left’s fundraising numbers, according to The Washington Post. The RNC reportedly gathered only about half as many funds as the Democrats were able to raise by the close of 2023. The lacking money might be one reason Republicans have seen so many recent losses. Since McDaniel took the reins, the party has lost 19 seats in the House and three seats in the Senate. Seven governors have also lost their positions to the Left.

Fox News shared that Trump recommended North Carolina GOP Chair Michael Whatley to become the next RNC chair. Like McDaniel, Whatley supports the 45th president’s narrative that the Left stole the 2020 elections. Trump’s primary concern this time around is keeping the 2024 vote “safe.” The final decision on McDaniel’s replacement will likely come after the South Carolina Republican primaries on February 24, when Trump is expected to be declared the party’s official candidate.

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