RNC Headquarters Evacuated After Vials of Blood Found

(RepublicanJournal.org) – The Republican National Committee Headquarters in Washington, DC, is where the GOP conducts regular business. It’s located a short distance from the US Capitol. The building was placed on lockdown recently after a suspicious package was delivered.

In th early morning hours of Wednesday, May 22, someone from the RNC called the police for help handling a package at its headquarters. Several authorities responded, dressed heavily in hazmat gear. The US Capitol Police (USCP) Hazardous Incident Response Division helped clear the package from the premises.

According to POLITICO, sources speaking on condition of anonymity said the package was addressed directly to former President Donald Trump. It contained two vials of blood and leaky ice packs, presumably to keep the blood cold. The USCP will now investigate the contents of the package and attempt to track down the sender. It’s not clear at this point who the blood belongs to or if anyone came into contact with it, though it was noted the vials were sealed.

In a statement after the incident, RNC Chair Michael Whatley called it a “revolting attack” and said it would not deter the party from doing its job. He said the committee “stand[s] firm in our mission to deliver greater freedom and opportunity for all Americans,” and slammed President Joe Biden’s “extreme left supporters.”

The White House was quick to condemn the action, as well. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said there was no place for “any form of threats … in our politics.” The Secret Service also addressed the issue and said the package was “addressed to a Secret Service protectee” and was not hazardous. Parts of DC where the headquarters and US Capitol are located were shut down for a brief period of time while authorities collected evidence.

The suspicious package comes just two months before the RNC convention, where Trump is expected to be named the official presidential nominee. The party is now taking extra precautions.

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