Palestinian Protestors Storm the White House Gates

( – Protesters gathered by the tens of thousands over the weekend to demonstrate against Israel’s counterattack on Gaza. The gathering took place outside the White House, with some pro-Palestinian participants storming the building’s gates. They’re upset with the Biden administration’s handling of the conflict, demanding an immediate ceasefire.

The event occurred on Saturday, November 4. It began as a rally that afternoon at Freedom Plaza and then moved into a march to and around the White House grounds.

Demonstrators pressed for the US to end the war and cut its aid to Israel. ABC News states that participants slammed the Biden administration for siding with Israel, with some attempting to climb the tall, wrought-iron fence around the White House and others taking out their frustrations by vandalizing property. Many brought Palestinian flags, and some brought mock coffins to represent those who died in the raids. At least one person was arrested for destroying property, and police are looking into other cases of vandalism with the hopes of catching more offenders.

Pro-Palestinian protesters believe Israel is currently committing genocide against its neighbors living in Gaza, where the Islamic terrorist group Hamas has taken hold. Over the last month, 9,480 Palestinians have died in retaliatory air raids, which Israel insists are avoiding civilians and have been necessary to take out their jihadist enemy. Al Jazeera reports that over 4,000 of the reported casualties in Gaza have been children.

Hamas sparked the current conflict on October 7, when members took to Israeli streets and slaughtered over 1,400 people, including women and children. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed not to end the current battle until every member of the Islamic terrorist organization is dead and every hostage it has taken is free. Pro-Palestinian observers insist the Jewish state has created a humanitarian crisis in Gaza and demand that the occupied region be allowed to receive much-needed water, food, fuel, and medical supplies.

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