Musk Slams AOC for Playing Down Migrant Crisis

( – The war of words between billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk and New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) has found new fuel. This time, the spat started over figures the representative spouted off in an attempt to defend the current immigration crisis. She apparently failed to do the math, and he slammed her over the mistake.
Musk responded to a September 26 post on X, the social media outlet formerly called Twitter, after user Ashley St. Clair pointed out the failed example. AOC was trying to diminish the problem at the nation’s southern border by comparing Ellis Island stats from earlier generations to current numbers. She noted that the United States saw over 12 million new immigrants between 1892 and 1954 — a 62-year period. That figure averages to about 193,548 new arrivals annually.
Compare that number to the roughly 2.2 million illegal immigrants Border Patrol stopped in 2022. The two don’t even come close. Musk replied by stating that AOC was “just not that smart.”
The New York congresswoman responded by pointing out that she “wasn’t born rich” and spouted off some of her accomplishments as a lawmaker, one of which was her participation in drafting the largest-ever FEMA funeral assistance program. Musk then replied with a passive-aggressive congratulations, followed by the suggestion that FEMA put more of its efforts into funding the living so it didn’t have to set aside so much for the dead.
The online feud between Musk and AOC has been long-standing, according to The Hill, which adds that the bitter rivalry has prompted the left-leaning representative to consider leaving the platform for a breather. She’s also argued against X’s statement that the majority of its content is healthy for its users, claiming that she’s experienced more harassment than ever there.
AOC acknowledged that she struggled over the idea that her continued participation might be benefiting the social media site. And yet, for reasons not even she can give, she continues posting.
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