Mayor Gets Exposed, Pulls the Race Card

( – An Illinois mayor has become the subject of growing criticism amid accusations that she’s been misusing village funds. The small-town leader has allegedly spent taxpayer money on travel, billboards, and expensive steakhouses while raking in an annual salary of nearly $300,000. The exposed mayor insists she has done nothing wrong, pulling the race card and insisting others are attacking her because she’s a black woman in a position of power.

Dolton, Illinois, Mayor Tiffany Henyard (D), who is also the supervisor of the Township of Thornton, has been reckless with her village’s coffers despite a looming deficit. Village trustees have filed a lawsuit against the mayor, accusing her of withholding information about her spending and forging checks.

Local news agency WGN 9 states that the trustees have begun to block the payment of some bills while they dig through their mayor’s spending. They don’t believe funds are going where they’re supposed to, and they want full transparency over every expense.

Records indicate Henyard spent over $67,000 on airplane travel — including many first-class tickets — to numerous destinations. She and her advisors also spent big bucks on hotels, racking up roughly $9,347 at the Atlanta Four Seasons Hotel and $13,098 at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. An additional $23,000 covered restaurant expenses between July and November 2023 alone.

Former chief of staff, Nakita Cloud, claims the mayor goes out regularly with aides. They dine at upscale restaurants and let taxpayers foot the bill despite not discussing any government business. Budget cuts have reportedly left the village with fewer police officers on the streets, all while Henyard is paying six of its members to work as her private security detail. Each averages over 100 hours per paycheck and rakes in overtime pay for their service.

Henyard says her critics are “grandstanders” who should be ashamed of their behavior. She insists they’re out of place for attacking a black woman in power and is slamming them for stepping out of line.

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