Ken Buck Announces His Retirement, Wants “Insidious” GOP To Go Down With Him

( – Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) recently announced his retirement, but he isn’t going quietly. He slammed his GOP peers for being unable to address any truly important issues while still attacking the validity of the 2020 election. The Colorado representative believes the party will need to face some “unpleasant truths” if it is going to move forward and solve the country’s most pressing problems.

During a November 1 interview with NBC News‘ Andrea Mitchell, Buck lamented the House’s decision against electing Tom Emmer (R-MN) as its speaker, noting that he and his Minnesota colleague voted to certify the official electors on January 6. The lawmaker felt confident he abided by the Constitution in making that choice.

Buck and Mitchell both criticized Republicans for going instead with Mike Johnson (R-LA), whom the news anchor accused of being among the conspirators behind the effort to push “false elector[s].” The Louisiana conservative was among the lawmakers who voted against certifying President Joe Biden, holding to his decision even beyond the historic Capitol attack. Johnson also was the ringleader in a lawsuit filed with the US Supreme Court that attempted to overturn Biden’s 2020 win — an effort that the justices were quick to dismiss. Still, his position, which will put the MAGA lawmaker in charge of certifying 2024’s presidential race, raises its own concerns.

This next election will be “critical,” insists Buck. Mitchell pressed the retiring congressman for his thoughts on endorsing someone other than his party’s pick in the presidential race, when all signs continue to point toward Trump as the GOP’s choice. He refused to state how he would vote if the election came down to either the former or current commander-in-chief, but he did say that the decision wouldn’t be an easy one.

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