Kari Lake Announces Bid for Arizona Senate Seat

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Kari Lake, who ran for Arizona’s governorship in 2022 and lost, has set her sights on a higher seat. She announced that she’s joined the race for Arizona’s seat in the Senate. The incumbent, Independent Krysten Sinema, hasn’t yet announced whether she’ll be seeking another term, but other lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are already gearing up to make 2024 a competitive race.

A loyal MAGA advocate, Lake immediately received former President Donald Trump’s endorsement. He posted a video on Truth Social, where he said he supported her candidacy, noting that he’ll need the majority of the House backing him if he’s going to continue pushing forward with his agenda.

Lake posted her own video on social media to spread the MAGA message that voters couldn’t trust anything that came from the mainstream media. She shared her clip on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, along with the assertion that she knew what she was talking about because she worked in media for 30 years. She warned her supporters that the upcoming year was going to put the last elections to shame, and reporters were going to spin everything even worse than before.

To get to the Senate, Lake will have to compete against Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb in the Republican primary. The winner will face Rep. Ruben Gallego, who is running on the Democratic ticket, and possibly also Sinema, who would likely run as a third-party candidate if she did try to retain the seat. Current polls put Gallego as the likely winner, although 15% of respondents are still undecided.

Lake lost the governor’s race to Democrat Katie Hobbs, who currently holds the seat, in 2022. However, like Trump, the ultra-conservative candidate has maintained that she was cheated out of the election and insists that she was the rightful winner. She’s taken her grievances to court three times but has yet to prove her case.

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