Kamala Harris’ Secret Service Agent Removed From Assignment

(RepublicanJournal.org) – The US Secret Service (USSS) is tasked with the very important job of protecting the president and vice president among others. That means they must be on their best behavior and alert at all times to identify and address threats. After a recent incident, one agent was removed from their assignment guarding Vice President Kamala Harris.

The incident, which occurred on Monday, April 22, at the Andrews Air Force Base, involved an aggressive Secret Service special agent who was not named in media reports. The agent was reportedly having issues with other agents at the time. When supervisors, including the special agent in charge, stepped in to address the matter, they became physically violent. At that time, they were removed from the assignment.

In a statement to the media, USSS spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said the agent “began displaying behavior their colleagues found distressing.” The decision was made to call in medical personnel, and the other agents onsite handcuffed the one in question to prevent further aggression. In the end, the situation was deemed a “medical matter.” The USSS did not go into further detail, citing the agent’s right to privacy. However, sources noted that they were hospitalized.

According to CBS News, anonymous sources spoke with the outlet and said the agent was spouting gibberish and speaking incoherently at the time. The matter is being treated as medical, not disciplinary, given the circumstances, and it is yet to be determined if they can return to work after treatment. The USSS will also carry out an internal review of the events to decide whether or not to remove his top secret security clearance.

Harris was scheduled to depart from the air base that morning for a campaign event in Wisconsin. She was at the Naval Observatory when it went down, about an hour prior to her leaving, and the incident did not delay her trip.

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