Joe Manchin Teases Possible Third-Party Run

( – Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has been hinting for months that he might consider a third-party run at the presidency following the 2024 primary elections. No Labels, a bipartisan organization the West Virginia senator helped to build, has been fighting to get on each of the state ballots, paving the way for the potential bid. Manchin claims Americans are likely to want more options once the Right and Left have both established their candidates, and No Labels could be the solution for voters on both sides of the fence who want to see someone new in the Oval Office.

The Super Tuesday results will be most telling, according to Manchin, who is teasing a possible run if the polls come down once again to President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. The moderate senator will not be seeking re-election for his West Virginia seat, which is up for grabs this year.

No Labels is pushing for a “unity ticket,” which supporters hope will crush party lines and give US voters a moderate option to a Trump-Biden rematch. It claims it’s not a political party but a nonprofit social welfare organization that strives to bridge the gap between the Right and the Left. The group’s frequently asked questions section alleges that it hasn’t yet chosen any potential names for a 2024 ticket, but the Associated Press reports that there has been a push for Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) to run alongside Manchin.

Manchin insists his candidacy would help, not hinder, the final outcome because No Labels would create an option for centrists who might otherwise skip this year’s polls. It estimates that roughly 75% of independents, 55% of Republicans, and 65% of Democrats want more than their current choices.

A third-party candidate, particularly one who is moderate, could offer an added boost to Trump’s campaign, one that could seal a 2024 victory. Many Democrats believe Green Party candidate Jill Stein helped the MAGA leader defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016, and Manchin could easily do the same for Trump in November.

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