Jill Biden Partners Up With Christina Aguilera With Pro-Abortion Stance

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Former President Donald Trump shared in February that he agreed with the idea of imposing a national 16-week abortion ban. The statement prompted some members of the left to double down on promoting their pro-abortion stance. Among the most recent figures to partner up to support the controversial procedure are First Lady Jill Biden and liberal pop star Christina Aguilera.

The two left-wing women appear together in a short clip Xtina Daily initially published on YouTube, but it has since made the rounds on other social media platforms as well. The video opens with a caption stating that “the world watched in horror” as the US Supreme Court effectively overturned Roe v. Wade on June 24, 2022. Biden and Aguilera take turns stating statistics designed to bait pro-life supporters. An additional caption notes that over one in three women who are of reproductive age live in areas where abortion bans are in effect. Another warns that women all across America will lose “fundamental rights” if leaders pass nationwide restrictions.

The clip appears to take a jab at Trump, echoing the words of other Democrats who believe they can use the former president’s past words and actions against him. Still, while their message might resonate with people who relate to the far left, it could also offer a boost for those hoping to see the 45th president serve a second term.

Abortion is as much of a trigger topic among many of the members of the religious Right as it is to extremists among the Left, so any talks of further limits made by Trump and other Republicans are likely to appeal to the conservative group. Additionally, 16 weeks is moderate enough of a time frame to appeal to many independents who currently stand between the two camps.

Roughly 93.5% of abortions occur at or before 13 weeks of pregnancy, according to the CDC, so a 16-week ban wouldn’t change much. Regardless of that fact, liberals like Biden and Aguilera continue to express their outrage over the idea.

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