Iran Keeps Issuing Threats as Biden Looks Worse and Worse

( – The conflicts in the Middle East have only worsened amid US involvement with Israel against its war on Hamas. President Joe Biden has begun to cave to anti-war leftists in Washington, but only after fully igniting the fire fueling Islamic extremist groups like the Houthi in Iran by supporting Israel’s continued strikes against Hamas. The US now stands at a crossroads, one that could spark World War III.

Foreign Policy explains that Iran, which has heavy terrorist ties, has kept the region’s war just beyond arm’s reach, relying on proxy groups like Houthi and Hezbollah to do all the dirty work while its leaders keep their hands relatively clean. Meanwhile, terrorists in the area have attacked international shipping routes and supplied Islamic radicals with weapons to keep Hamas and others in the fight.

Biden’s part in the mess is two-fold. His initial support of Israel’s strikes on its neighboring territory sparked outrage when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made clear that he would stop at nothing short of full eradication of Hamas — even if that meant taking out tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians in the process. Biden has failed to rein in the Israeli leader, enabling the bold strikes that have only stoked the fire raging out of control across the Middle East. Just as badly, according to The Hill, the US president has done nothing to make Iran answer for the damage its proxy groups have done in the name of jihad. Biden’s decision in August 2023 to unfreeze $6 billion in Iranian funds for a so-called prisoner swap only further strengthened the regime.

At this point, the US might need to engage Iran directly if leaders want any chance of ending the war. Biden might also need to directly pressure Netanyahu to back off on his attacks and consider a more humanitarian approach to taking out the remaining Hamas cells. No other country has the same level of influence, but the window to act is slowly closing. If Biden doesn’t find a way to calm both fronts soon, another world war could be imminent.

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