Charles Barkley Scoffs at Nikki Haley’s Comment About Racist America

( – As part of the campaign to land the Republican presidential nod, the candidates have been appearing in person and on news shows. Nikki Haley, the only remaining GOP contender against former President Donald Trump, recently appeared on “Fox & Friends,” where she made a surprising statement. One former basketball great is calling her out for what she said.

When Haley appeared on the talk show, Brian Kilmeade, one of the co-hosts, asked her if she believed the Republican Party to be racist. The former US ambassador answered in the negative, saying the United States has “never been a racist country.” She continued, saying the country isn’t perfect, but “our goal is to make sure that today is better than yesterday.” Yet, she admitted that she had experienced racism and didn’t want that for her children.

The question seemingly surfaced because of Haley’s heritage. She’s the child of Indian immigrants, who was born in the country. A host on MSNBC said they don’t see her becoming the nominee when former President Donald Trump is still very much in the picture and referred to the GOP as “deeply anti-immigrant.” Haley, however, continued to remain steadfast in her assertion that she would push forward and show everyone who said she can’t do this that they’re wrong.

Charles Barkley, appearing alongside Gayle King on his show “King Charles,” couldn’t hold back his laugh. He holds the opposite opinion and says “America was built on racism.” He pointed to several historical events including “slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, antisemitism, [and] Asian hate.” King seemed to agree with Barkley saying she thinks people were surprised to hear Haley make that statement. Barkley made it clear he was disappointed in Haley’s comment, saying he thinks “it’s 100 percent wrong.”

Haley’s spokesperson, in a statement defending her comments, recognized that racism has always existed in the country but at its core, it’s not actually racist.

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