Hunter Biden Surprises as He Attends Congress Hearing

( – The House Oversight Committee has held a hearing on the president’s wayward son. Surprisingly, Hunter Biden turned up in person to hear the evidence. Although he only attended as a member of the audience, he faced questions from reporters as he left.

On January 10, the House Oversight Committee held a meeting to discuss a resolution that, if passed, will call a House vote on holding Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress. The president’s son has been refusing to comply with a subpoena from the Oversight and Judiciary committees. Both committees are trying to investigate how Hunter’s complex business dealings have benefitted the wider Biden family, but they’re struggling to get all the facts without his cooperation. The lack of cooperation is obviously deliberate; on December 13, the day Hunter was supposed to appear before the committee, he held a public press conference on Capitol Hill instead, so he could clearly have attended if he wanted to.

Oversight Committee chairman James Comer (R-KY) says Hunter’s refusal to comply is “a criminal act” that reaches the bar for prosecution, and he’s determined to ramp up the pressure to get the younger Biden to cooperate, so the committee discussing a resolution to do that was no great surprise. What WAS a surprise is that Hunter himself arrived for the hearing along with his legal team, and sat in the audience as the committee discussed the evidence against him. Democrats on the committee called for him to be allowed to take questions, probably in an attempt to make it look like he was willing to cooperate; GOP members refused.

As he left after the hearing, Hunter was bombarded with questions from journalists eager to hear his side of the story –- although one unidentified man asked him, “Are you on crack today?” Hunter didn’t answer that question or any of the others.

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