High School Student Caught Allegedly Offering Piercings in Restroom

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Officials across the country have been struggling with illegal and inappropriate activities taking place in their middle and high school restrooms. Vaping, drug use, fighting, and other issues have led to claims that some students are avoiding the facilities altogether due to the potential danger. One student took the underground activities to a whole new level by allegedly using a restroom as a makeshift piercing parlor.

School resource officers (SROs) at an Indiana high school reportedly caught the student performing the piercings. They also confiscated paraphernalia, including gloves, alcohol pads, and various tools traditionally used to perform body piercings, from the student. The local sheriff’s department declined to state whether the individual faced any disciplinary action.

School restroom activity has reportedly become an increasing problem all over the US, with many implementing new policies in efforts to deter unwanted behaviors and improve safety. Some limit students using the facilities or lock the doors during certain hours, while others have hired additional personnel to monitor the rooms and set requirements for digital hall passes. K-12 Dive reports that vaping and drug use are major concerns, adding that flushed vape pens and cartridges have created problems of their own by clogging pipes and damaging sewer systems. A few schools have already resorted to implementing technology that detects vape use, some even installing cameras in restroom doorways to monitor their public, common-use areas.

Sepsis.org warns that body piercings should always be performed under sanitary conditions — which most restrooms are unlikely to meet. Jewelry should also be sterile, and the person performing the procedure should take proper steps with their tools to minimize complications. Infection, which can cause swelling, worsened pain, pus, and fever, can lead to life-threatening sepsis if left untreated.

Indiana state law also forbids practitioners, with the exception of medical personnel, from piercing anyone under the age of 18 in Indiana. Violators face potential Class A misdemeanor charges.

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