Four Killed in 112 mph Car Crash

( – An 18-year-old is facing homicide charges after causing a horrific accident that killed four and left two children in the hospital. The teenager — who already had a track record of bad driving — was doing over 100 mph when he slammed into the minivan carrying his victims. The suspect, who was also seriously injured, is now being held on a massive bond.

On March 19, 38-year-old Andrea Hudson had just collected five children, including two of her own, from a home-schooling event in Renton, Washington. At the same time, 18-year-old Chase Daniel Jones was racing through town in the Audi A4 he bought last month, dodging traffic in a 40 mph zone at speeds that exceeded 100 mph.

As Hudson drove through the intersection of Southeast 192nd Street and 140th Avenue at around 1 p.m., Jones ran a red light at high speed and slammed into the side of her vehicle. The impact threw the minivan into the path of two other vehicles, killing Hudson, 12-year-old Boyd Buster Brown, 12-year-old Eloise Wilcoxson, and her 13-year-old sister Matilda Wilcoxson. Two of Hudson’s children were seriously injured and as of March 23 were still in intensive care. Data retrieved from Jones’s car shows he was driving at 112 mph when he hit Hudson.

Jones was also seriously injured, but he was released from the hospital on March 22 and immediately booked at the King County Jail. His bail has been set at $1 million. Prosecutors told the magistrate at the bail hearing that Jones had already totaled two cars in high-speed accidents in the last year. After one of these accidents — where he T-boned another car at an intersection, just as he did to Hudson — the teenager told a detective, “It was an open straight road, so I gave it some gas.” He also admitted he’d been driving too fast to avoid the accident. Now, because he didn’t learn a lesson from that, four people are dead.

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