Former UK Prime Minister Meets With Donald Trump

( – Britain’s foreign secretary has paid a surprise visit to former president Donald Trump at his Florida home. Former prime minister Lord Cameron has annoyed US legislators recently, but now, with Trump polling well for November’s presidential election, it looks like he’s trying to rebuild bridges.

Former PM Gets New Post

Struggling British prime minister Rishi Sunak appalled the right wing of his Conservative Party last November when he appointed his predecessor David Cameron as foreign secretary. Cameron served as prime minister from 2010 to 2016 but resigned when, after he called a referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union and campaigned to remain, the country voted to leave.

Cameron is firmly on the liberal “One Nation Tory” wing of the party, and many conservatives blame him and his center-left policies for the deep hole they’re in now. After scheming to depose populist leader Boris Johnson, Sunak has pulled the British government back towards Cameron’s brand of woke “conservatism” — and, with a general election due late this year, the opposition Labour Party is now over 20% ahead in the polls.

Since Cameron’s return to government as foreign secretary — he had to be made a lord to take the job, as he isn’t even an elected MP anymore — he’s continued to infuriate the political right in Britain.

On February 14, he infuriated the political right here too, after writing an article in “The Hill” calling on the US House to pass a Ukraine funding bill and prompting Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) to tell him to “kiss my a**.”

Mending Fences?

Cameron has to be careful, though. His job now is to manage Britain’s relations with the rest of the world, and while he leans towards the EU, the reality is that the US is Britain’s closest ally. There’s at least an even chance Trump will be back in the White House in January, and Sunak seems to believe there’s a chance he and Cameron will still be in government by then, so it’s time for the foreign secretary to try repairing the damage he did with his February article.

On April 8, Cameron made an unannounced visit to Trump at his Mar-A-Lago home in Palm Beach, Florida. So far neither man has revealed what was discussed or how the meeting went, but politically they’re very different. Trump had a lot more in common with Boris Johnson than with the Sunak/Cameron wing of the Conservative Party.

Cameron was over here to meet his US counterpart, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, for a discussion of more military aid to Ukraine. It’s unlikely he and Trump, who wants to end the war even if that means letting Vladimir Putin keep some of the land he’s seized, agreed about much.

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