Former Baltimore Prosecutor Guilty of Fraud

( – A former Baltimore state attorney has been found guilty of one count of fraud for false statements she made on two home loan applications. The past prosecutor faced two counts of mortgage fraud, but the jury opted against a conviction on the second charge. The case piggybacks on another in which the defendant lied about her financial situation during the pandemic so she could pull money from her retirement fund to provide down payments for the houses.

The Department of Justice issued a press release on February 6 detailing the case. It revolves around two vacation homes 42-year-old Marilyn Mosby purchased in Florida in 2020. She claimed that her then-husband, Nick Mosby, gifted her $5,000 to help her lock in a lower interest rate, but prosecutors were able to prove that she had transferred the funds from her bank and knowingly lied about the source of that money. She now faces up to 30 years in a federal prison.

Mosby was convicted of two federal counts of perjury in November 2023, according to a previous press release, for falsely claiming financial hardship under the CARES Act. The money was meant for businesses and workers who lost work due to pandemic shutdowns, but many people — like Mosby — abused the program. She made two withdrawals, $40,000 and $50,000, from her pension plan despite suffering zero ill effects from the worldwide health crisis. In fact, she earned $247,955.58 that year — that’s $9,183.54 every other week. Each count could land her an additional five years in prison. The judge has not yet set a date for either sentencing hearing.

Mosby initially made headlines as the prosecutor in the case of Freddie Gray, a black man who died while in police custody. That case fell to the wayside after evidence failed to connect police officers to the man’s untimely death.

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