Former ABC TV Executive Dies at 56

( – Cancer kills more than half a million people in the United States each year. A person’s chances of beating the disease depend on how soon it’s caught, its prognosis, and the type of treatment one seeks. Sadly, sometimes, it’s not enough. A former ABC TV executive passed away after succumbing to the disease.

Stephanie Leifer was a prominent executive behind the scenes at ABC. She worked nearly 30 years combined for ABC and ABC Signature. She ended up leaving the company in 2022 and just two years later, she passed away from cancer at the age of 56.

Leifer’s career began in Boston, where she worked at WGBH-TV as a production associate and at Writers and Artists Agency as a literary assistant. In 1994, she joined ABC, where she held many roles. She worked in various departments, including Movie of the Week, comedy development, and drama development.

She worked her way up to executive roles, including head of programming at ABC Studios. When she retired, she was ABC Signature’s head of current programming, which oversaw programming of shows such as “Grey’s Anatomy.” ABC Signature is a division of Disney Television Studios.

Following her passing, a spokesperson for Disney Entertainment TV released a statement saying Leifer “was a beloved member” and a “highly admired executive.” The company extended its “sincerest condolences … to her family.” She is survived by her husband, Jonathan, who works for Disney, and her two children, Noah and Amelia. The family plans to have a private funeral and a celebration of life at some point in the future.

Other celebrities who have passed away this year due to cancer include Morgan Spurlock, who was a documentary filmmaker-star, Duane Eddy, who introduced twang to the rock n’ roll music genre, and popular country star musician Toby Keith, who was known for hits like “How Do You Like Me Now?”

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