Eric Trump Gets Furious at Father’s Trial

( – Former president Donald Trump’s son Eric has slammed his father’s ongoing New York fraud trial, calling the latest testimony “garbage.” The 40-year-old was in court to watch Stormy Daniels give evidence. He clearly wasn’t impressed by what he heard.

Donald Trump is on trial in Manhattan on 34 counts of falsifying business records to conceal a $130,000 hush money payment to Daniels, who claims she had an affair with him in 2006. Trump denies all the charges and says the trial is politically motivated. The prosecution’s goal is to show that Trump falsified records to help him commit another crime, which is a felony — but, according to Eric Trump, that’s not what they’re doing.

On May 7, Daniels took the stand and answered questions about the alleged affair. She described meeting Trump at a Lake Tahoe golf tournament and ending up in bed with him. Eric responded by blasting her testimony on X (formerly Twitter), saying he couldn’t work out “how any of this garbage from 20 years ago relates to ‘legal’ bills… being booked as a ‘legal’ expense.” He went on to say prosecutors are running a “salacious show” instead of focusing on the actual crime Trump is accused of.

Trump also denies the affair with Daniels ever happened, but that isn’t actually relevant here. He’s on trial because he allegedly faked business records by describing payments to his former attorney Michael Cohen as legal expenses. As Eric pointed out, Daniels giving details of what she claims she did with Trump in 2006 has no connection to the real purpose of payments made in 2016.

Nobody could describe Judge Juan Merchan, who’s overseeing the trial, as being pro-Trump. He’s already fined the former president $9,000 for violating a gagging order. However, he seems to be running out of patience with the prosecution, too. After Daniels gave her testimony he warned them that “The degree of detail we’re going into is unnecessary.” However, maybe it isn’t detail he should be worried about — but relevance instead.

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