Double Check Your Voter Status Before 2024 Ramps Up!

( – The 2024 elections are just around the corner, with primaries set to occur throughout the coming months. Take a moment before the election year ramps up to ensure you’re ready to go to the polls, so you don’t hit any unexpected snags at the last minute. These steps can help you double-check your status and guarantee that you have your say on election day.

Some states require voters to be in their system as far as 30 days ahead of their elections, so confirming registration is vital long before the important dates. See 270 to Win to find out when your state plans to hold its 2024 primaries.

The next step most people need to take is to determine whether or not they’re already registered. A visit to the National Conference of State Legislatures will determine whether your state automatically registered you when you obtained your driver’s license or state ID. If you live in a state that doesn’t perform this service, go to Can I Vote and follow the “voter registration status” link.

Once you’re a registered voter in your state, you don’t need to renew your registration unless you move or change your name. This is necessary even if you remain in the same state, and you’ll also need to make sure you’ve updated your driver’s license or ID ahead of time. If you move to a different state, simply register to vote at your new location. Remember that you can only legally vote from one spot.

If you happen to move close to your state’s election day, check to see if your new location allows same-day registration as an option. Depending on where you live, you might need to be a resident for 30 days before you’re allowed to register. In these cases, your old state must allow you to vote via absentee ballot. You can also go to an in-person polling station for your old address.

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