Doctors Scientific Organica Recalls Protein Bars

( – A brand of high-performance protein bars has been recalled because they are potentially contaminated with “foreign material” that could be a choking or internal injury hazard. Purchasers should return the bars to the store, or destroy them.

On November 29, Doctors Scientific Organica (DSO), a Florida-based food supplement company, recalled three batches of its Burn Boot Camp Afterburn Grass-Fed Whey Protein Bars. The affected products are the 60g Chocolate Almond flavor. The company says they could potentially contain “foreign material,” including disposable hairnets, shrink wrap, and parchment paper.

So far there haven’t been any reported injuries caused by contaminated bars, but the recall — confirmed by the Food and Drug Administration on November 29 — warns that this type of contamination “may cause minor injuries such as transient choking or gastrointestinal system injury.” DSO found out about the problem after customers complained to them, so it’s safe to assume at least some of the bars are contaminated.

The recalled bars all carry lot numbers 181, 184, or 187. These numbers are printed on each bar’s foil wrapper as well as the boxes they’re packed in. Affected products were sold through Burn Bootcamp stores and online, so they could be found anywhere in the US.

Burn Boot Camp is a gym-based fitness program aimed at women. As well as regular workout sessions, the program promotes a range of supplements, including the protein bars produced by DSO, which was bought by holding company Bonne Santé in 2021. Afterburn protein bars are marketed as a low-sugar source of protein and fiber that promotes recovery and muscle growth after Burn Bootcamp sessions. They’re available in a range of flavors, but DSO says the problem only affects the Chocolate Almond flavor.

Anyone who’s bought these bars with the affected lot numbers should either take them back to the store where they bought them or destroy the bars themselves.

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