Cuba Says Man Invaded Their Country With a Jet Ski

( – Cuba’s communist regime is complaining that an invasion was launched against them from Florida — by a man on a jet ski. A government spokesman claimed “terrorists” are being trained in the US.

On December 9, Cuba claimed it had intercepted a “terrorist” who had invaded the country from Florida. State media said an investigation was underway, but had already discovered the man was linked to two anti-communist Cuban exile groups based in the US. Cuba claims the groups, which it named as Nueva Nacion Cubana and La Nueva Nacion Cubana en Armas, are “terrorist entities.”

According to the regime’s statement, the man crossed the 95-mile-wide Straits of Florida to get to northern Cuba on a jet ski with a Florida registration number, landing in a mangrove swamp. He then abandoned the watercraft and traveled to Cienfuegos, a port city on the island nation’s south coast. There, he allegedly tried to recruit locals to join a terrorist campaign against the communist government, before being arrested. Several others are apparently being investigated over the plot.

Cuba has a long track record of accusing people of terrorism. Just days before the alleged intruder was arrested, the regime released a list of more than 80 foreigners it says are plotting to attack it. Among them are anti-communist Cuban-Americans and a Florida mayoral candidate. It’s hard to tell how much of this comes from the regime’s paranoia and how much reflects the views of the Cuban exile population in the US, which is mostly descended from people who fled Fidel Castro’s bloody 1959 revolution.

Communist spokesman Humberto Lopez claimed the latest intruder was heavily armed and linked to US-based groups that “publicly promote violent actions against Cuba.” He also said the “terrorists” received military training in the US. That might have been true in the 1960s, but now the US military just doesn’t appear to see Cuba as a threat worth worrying about. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the once-formidable Cuban armed forces have crumbled. The fact one man on a jet ski has them so worried tells us just how far they’ve fallen.

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