Costco Recalls Over 500,000 Products Due to House Fires

( – Companies often recall products when they discover an issue that puts the consumer’s safety at risk. It’s often seen in the food and automotive sectors, but regular everyday products are subject to the notifications, too. In a recent release, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) revealed that a few products sold at Costco were under recall due to some serious concerns.

On June 20, the CPSC announced that the MyCharge POWER HUB All-in-One 10,000mAh portable chargers, exclusively sold at Costco, were deemed a hazard after several homes caught on fire when the product overheated. The model numbers for the recall include AO10FK-C, AO10FK-B, and AO10FK-A. They are black and include two cables for charging multiple devices, including cell phones, tablets, handheld video game systems, and computers.

Consumers can further identify whether their product is one of the ones subject to recall by locating the four-digit number in a WWYY format which can be found on the wall prong. All of those ending in 21 or 22 need to be replaced. The others include those with the four-digit code 0123, 0923, 1523, and 1723. They were manufactured in China and sold in Costco stores around the country as well as on the retailer’s website from January 2022 through November 2023 for approximately $40 per unit.

The recall was made after the company received more than 120 reports of the devices overheating. Of those, two resulted in house fires, and three others ended up causing property damage. The total of the five incidents was approximately $165,000. The other 115 were returned devices that had sparked, smoked, melted, exploded, or burned during use.

Customers who purchased these items are advised to immediately stop using them and contact myCharge for a replacement unit. The company will provide them at no charge. Customers can throw out their current devices after seeking a replacement but should follow proper battery disposal laws in their area.

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