Biden Hires Controversial New Staffer

( – With his approval rating slowly fading in the polls, President Biden is taking a harder line on illegal immigration in an attempt to win back support. However, he’s just revealed his true colors yet again by appointing a far-left extremist to a key job on his staff. Assistant communications director Tyler Cherry is an anti-police leftist who wants open borders and doesn’t like the white working class.

Last week, Tyler Cherry, a former staffer with the Department of the Interior, was appointed as the White House’s new assistant communications director. This is a key position; he’ll be playing a major role in getting the president’s ideas over to the American people. That raises an interesting question: Why has Biden filled this important role with someone so extreme?

In the past, Cherry has called for the abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). He’s compared US police departments to slave patrols in the pre-Civil War South. He’s openly called for the end of the capitalist system and regularly accused the US of being a racist country. Then, hypocritically, he turned racist himself, complaining that Democrats waste too much time listening to white working-class Americans.

Cherry is so left-wing he’s even criticized antique socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for having “very, very white” rallies — something that goes with the territory in Vermont. He’s also a strong supporter of the woke agenda; during the 2016 election campaign, he constantly attacked former president Donald Trump’s team for not focusing enough on diversity, equity, and inclusion. In between attacking everyone from the left flank, he also promoted LGBTQ+ issues and regularly posted photos of himself in provocative outfits on social media.

Since he was appointed to his new job it looks like Cherry is trying to bury his past. His account on X (formerly Twitter) used to have thousands of posts. Now it has just one.

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