Conspiracy Theories Swirl as Kate Middleton Goes AWOL

( – The hashtag #WhereisKate has reportedly gone viral across social media as Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, remains AWOL. Conspiracy theories have swirled around her absence despite assurances from royal representatives that the princess is fine.

Middleton fell out of the public spotlight in January when she underwent an undisclosed surgery involving her abdomen. She stayed at a hospital in London for her first two weeks of recovery, and she is reportedly continuing her healing at a family home in Windsor.

A spokesperson for Kensington Palace stated ahead of time that the princess would be out of the spotlight until after Easter, but TikTok, X — formerly known as Twitter — and other social media outlets have been flooded with rumors that something may have gone wrong with her recovery.

One X user, Lisa McKinnon, says she’s been watching the royal family since the beginning of the late Princess Diana’s pre-engagement to then-Prince Charles. She writes that she’s never seen anything like the handling of Middleton’s absence. Ivana Newgrave shares that even Princess Margaret, while she was dying, gave the public an appearance. She adds, “A little wave” was all the people would need for reassurance. Another user, Claire, shares her anticipation in finding out whether the princess or Jesus might be first to rise on Easter.

NichtsalsGespenster, also an X poster, says that they only speak a little of the language, but claims from a Spanish-speaking news site gave them the impression that Middleton had taken a bad turn. They refer to a “Fiesta” article that claims the 42-year-old royal experienced complications after her surgery that led to her being intubated and put in a medically induced coma.

Helena Chard, who works as a royal photographer, told Fox News that representatives have kept the public updated by informing them she’s doing well. She questions people’s need to pry for more when they’ve already been told the princess will be laying low as she continues to recover.

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