Border Patrol Union Head Slams Biden

( – President Joe Biden finally announced his plans to visit the US-Mexico border after years of refusing to view the problem firsthand. The leader of the National Border Patrol Council lashed out about the visit. He claims the US leader only made an appearance to boost his ratings. Biden’s move, according to the official, is “too little, too late” — just like everything else the president does.

Brandon Judd, who heads the border council, told Fox News that illegal border crossers who go on to commit crimes in the United States are a big problem. He came onto the show to discuss the recent murder of a University of Georgia student, who reportedly died at the hands of a Venezuelan illegal immigrant.

US Customs and Border Protection took the man into custody after he wrongfully crossed the border, but then agents released him, allowing the person to join the general population. He allegedly went on to kidnap and kill Laken Riley, a 22-year-old nursing student, for reasons investigators are still trying to piece together.

Judd says the crime never should have happened, adding that situations like this one are “frustrating.” They also reinforce his belief that Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas deserves impeachment. He insists nothing is happening to enforce court appearances and other forms of follow-up on the illegal crossers Border Security officers are arresting every day.

The host notes that President Joe Biden reportedly responded to the tragedy by bringing up the bipartisan border bill he started pushing months ago. Judd slammed the president in response, saying the US leader dropped the ball for three years. He points out that general elections are only eight months away and accuses the president of playing political theater for the sake of votes. Judd claims Biden could end the problem immediately by coming to a “remain in Mexico” agreement with officials south of the border, but that would go against the wishes of his support base.

Biden’s border visit crosses over a visit former President Donald Trump also planned for the same day. Karoline Leavitt, who works for the Trump campaign, insists Biden is only making the effort because he knows he’s “losing terribly.”

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