Biden Vetoes “Partisan” GOP Bill

( – House Republicans are working on a bill that would fund the Department of Veterans Affairs and a range of military construction projects for the next year. However, the White House has vetoed the measure if it ends up on President Biden’s desk. The Biden administration doesn’t want simple funding bills. It also wants them to promote a range of liberal causes, too.

In May, the House Appropriations Committee passed HR 8580, a proposal to fund healthcare for veterans 11 military construction projects for the fiscal year 2025, which begins on October 1 of this year. Committee member John Carter (R-TX) said the bill would improve security in the Pacific while guaranteeing proper healthcare and housing for veterans. Committee chair Tom Cole (R-OK) said it showed Congress’s dedication to supporting veterans.

However, the Biden administration is pushing back hard against the bill. On June 3 the White House released a furious condemnation of HR 8580, complaining that it rejects several leftist ideas. For example, the bill would block the VA from using public funds to pay for sex change surgery or from providing healthcare to illegal immigrants. Slamming the proposal as “partisan,” the press release warned that “If the President were presented with H.R. 8580, he would veto it.”

The Biden administration says it’s looking for a bipartisan appropriations bill, but many Republicans just aren’t willing to go along with what Biden wants. For example, the White House is complaining that HR 8580 –a bill that’s all about national security and veterans’ services — doesn’t allow the flying of Pride flags at VA hospitals.

The president also objects to the bill’s proposed ban on buying IT equipment from China. The drafters of HR 8580 are trying to get things done at the minimum cost to the taxpayer; even now, Biden seems to want to push on with his far-left agenda.

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