Biden Meets With G7 Leaders in Emergency Meeting

( – President Joe Biden has spoken with the leaders of the G7 group of leading Western economies in an emergency debate about the war in the Middle East. The meeting followed Iran’s massive drone and missile attack on Israel, which was defeated by international forces. Now Israel is gearing up for a counterstrike — in the face of US opposition.

On April 14, Biden joined a secure video conference with the leaders of Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan, to discuss the previous night’s Iranian attack. Tehran’s forces launched over 300 drones and missiles at Israel. Thankfully, almost all of them were either shot down by US, British, French, and Jordanian forces or destroyed by Israel’s missile defense system.

Now the Jewish state has vowed to retaliate, despite calls for “restraint” by Biden. He told Israel that the US will continue to defend Israel, but won’t support any counterstrike against Iran. The president told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “You got a win. Take the win,” urging him to stay on the defensive.

Meanwhile, G7 leaders have condemned Iran’s aggression — but called on Israel to hold back. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wants to “de-escalate” the situation, and French President Emmanuel Macron also wants Israel to be satisfied with its defense against the massive Iranian barrage.

While the G7 held its video conference, Netanyahu’s war cabinet began discussions about hitting back. Reports are that Israel is looking for ways to hurt Iran’s regime and military capabilities without causing widespread casualties. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has asked Israel to inform the US in advance of any attack, so the Pentagon can take steps to protect US troops in the region.

Meanwhile, Iran is threatening “a decisive and much stronger response” if “the Zionist regime or its supporters” hit back at Iran. Despite Tehran’s bluster and Biden’s pleading, though, Israeli retaliation looks almost certain to happen.

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