Biden Loses to Jason Palmer

( – President Joe Biden just lost a primary election to Jason Palmer, a relative no-name in the race. The unknown underdog received 56% of the vote in American Samoa, which has six delegates up for grabs. Palmer’s win comes despite the Democratic National Committee aggressively pushing Biden as progressives’ only real option.

Fox News initially reported that Palmer had earned four of American Samoa’s delegates, but The New York Times explains that the first figure was the result of a rounding error. Palmer’s 56% equated to 3.4 delegates, which rounds down to three. Similarly, Biden’s votes earned him 2.6 delegates, which rounds up. American Samoa divides its delegates by votes rather than having the winner take all, so the corrected figure shows each candidate taking half of the total.

Palmer is a businessman who resides in Baltimore, Maryland, with his focus on education and technology. The 52-year-old Democratic candidate sees his age as one of his biggest advantages. He reportedly said that the American people are looking for an option that “is more of the 21st century” than the 81-year-old currently at the reins. He told POLITICO that the time had come for Biden, who doesn’t relate as well to the country’s youngest voters, to “pass the torch” to the next generation. The left-wing challenger added that laws are regularly becoming outdated and insisted that routine updates were necessary to keep up with the times.

Palmer was the only candidate to campaign in American Samoa, a territory composed of islands and roughly 2,500 miles from Hawaii. He stood on a platform promoting better healthcare access, more resources for education, and promises to tackle climate change. The Associated Press shares that fewer than 50,000 live on the islands, prompting Biden to state that the polls had to have counted no more than 500 votes.

Biden was way off. Only 91 people across the entire territory participated in the recent election. US territories do not have a vote in the general elections, so American Samoa only has a say during the primaries.

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