Barron Trump Turns 18, Former TV Executive Says He’s Now “Fair Game”

( – A former television executive is in hot water after posting a tasteless comment about Barron Trump, who recently turned 18 years old. The past exec reportedly called the youngest son of Donald Trump “fair game” now that he’s an adult. He insists the remark was innocent enough, but the poster removed the offending remark due to the overwhelmingly negative response.

Retired NBCUniversal senior executive Mike Sington made the comment on X, the social media outlet formerly known as Twitter. He shared it on March 20, which fell on Barron Trump’s birthday. User @dom_lucre posted a screenshot before Sington had a chance to remove it. The message included a recent photo of the 45th president and his youngest son.

The move triggered an onslaught of angry responses, most of which either questioned the motivations behind Sington’s message or slammed his character. Several Republicans slammed Sington as “creepy” and giving off a “pedo vibe.” @Commonsensepre2 also pointed to the vagueness of the offending post, stating that the meaning of “fair game” needed investigating.

Sington hasn’t apologized for his comment, instead choosing to expand on the matter in an interview with Newsweek. He claimed he only meant the young man was no longer off limits to the press, but he still took down the post because of implications that his words could be twisted to mean that he suggested some form of physical harm.

Trump has five children between his past and current spouses. His youngest daughter, Tiffany Trump, was raised by Marla Maples, the former president’s second wife, and has managed to stay outside the political spotlight. With few exceptions, Barron has also managed to stay off the national radar. Trump’s oldest three — Eric, Donald Jr., and Ivanka — have been under fire alongside the MAGA leader for allegations that they were involved in and/or were aware of the Trump Organization’s alleged fraudulent activities.

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