Barron Trump Declines RNC Invitation

( – Former President Donald Trump has been in the political realm for several years now. He keeps himself front and center, and when he was in office, he regularly stepped out with Melania in tow. Several of his children, Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr., also routinely appeared in the public eye. The Trumps were careful to keep their youngest child, Barron, out of the spotlight though, considering his young age.

In an announcement on Wednesday, May 8, the Florida Republican Party revealed its list of delegates. Barron Trump was on the list as an at-large delegate who may have appeared at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee in July. One of the Trump campaign staff said the former president’s youngest son was “very interested in our nation’s political process,” however, Barron declined the invitation, making it clear that he will not be a delegate at the Republican National Convention later on this year.

Other Trump family members are on the list, as well, and are expected to be at the RNC despite Barron declining. Eric Trump is the delegation chair. Donald Jr. and his fiance Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Tiffany Trump and her husband Michael Boulos are also delegates. The only one missing is Ivanka, who decided to step away from politics after her father left office. The list of 125 names also contains popular Trump supporters Steve Witkoff and Isaac Perlmutter.

Barron is graduating high school on May 17. His father will be in attendance after getting permission from Judge Juan Merchan to attend the ceremony in lieu of court because the case is moving along as expected. Several witnesses have already taken the stand in the Manhattan courtroom, where the former president is facing 34 felony charges of falsifying business reports to allegedly hide hush-money payments.

Trump still has a lot of campaigning left to do in the months prior to the election. While he is polling neck-and-neck with incumbent President Joe Biden in what’s looking like a rematch of 2020, there’s plenty of time left for the pendulum to swing one way or another.

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