Angelina Jolie Announces Her Exit from Hollywood

( – High-profile actress Angelina Jolie appears to be working to cut her ties with Hollywood. She’s made serious efforts to minimize her public profile, focusing on outside ventures and humanitarian efforts and shying away from many of the elements that have made Los Angeles so toxic. Jolie recently told reporters that she wants to make a full exit as soon as possible.

Jolie told Elisa Lipsky-Karasz from The Wall Street Journal that she’s taken a lot of time to heal since her divorce from actor Brad Pitt seven years ago. She admitted that stress takes a heavy toll on her body, citing the bout of Bell’s palsy that struck her six months before she and Pitt called it quits for good.

The Hollywood star shared that she wouldn’t want to be an emerging actress in today’s world, adding that the public demanded less of celebrities’ personal lives back when she was first making her name. She also doesn’t read what any of the papers write about her, noting that she’s already been around long enough to witness all that the media has to say.

Growing up in the limelight didn’t keep Jolie from experiencing crushing depression, especially when she learned her mother, actress Marcheline Bertrand, had terminal cancer. She confided that backpacking into the wilderness became her go-to when she wanted to escape it all. Her travels eventually went overseas, and she visited refugee camps in Cambodia, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, and Tanzania. She went on to do official work for the United Nations. The actress said most of her closest friends are refugees who’ve survived terrible conflicts.

Jolie hopes to spend more of her time in Cambodia, where she owns a home. She noted that issues related to her divorce have limited her options for the time being, but she will eventually leave Los Angeles. She notes that the area was a “shallow place” to grow up in, and after so many years of it, she began to seek a more authentic life.

Breitbart points out that Jolie is just one of several celebrities who’ve decided they’re finished with the Southern California hot spot. Scott Baio, Dean Cain, and Mark Wahlberg have also reportedly left Los Angeles in search of calmer pastures.

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