Alec Baldwin Slaps Phone of Pro-Palestine Protestor

( – Alec Baldwin has been targeted by pro-Palestinian activists over his refusal to condemn Israel. The actor was in a New York City coffee shop when a protester started harassing him. The confrontation ended when he appeared to slap her phone from her hand.

On April 22, a video emerged online showing Baldwin, who has been harassed by leftists before over his support for Israel, talking on his phone at the cash register of Maman coffee shop on University Place, NYC. The woman who was filming, a far-left activist from Queens who goes by the name Crackhead Barney, then approached Baldwin and asked him to “please say ‘Free Palestine’ one time.” The 66-year-old actor then headed to the exit, with the activist pursuing him and promising to leave him alone if he said the line for her.

Baldwin responded by shaking his head and opening the door, apparently suggesting she should leave. At this point she said “F**k Israel, f**k Zionism,” then brought up the ongoing criminal case over the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, who Baldwin shot dead in a 2021 movie set incident.

The video shows a coffee shop employee intervening and asking Crackhead Barney to stop harassing Baldwin. Baldwin then appears to ask her to call the police, before saying “Can you do me a quick favor?” — then slapping the phone out of the activist’s hand, ending the video.

It isn’t clear when the video was filmed, but Crackhead Barney has a reputation for conducting “ambush interviews” — approaching and harassing people in public. Her “interviews” tend to be abusive. She describes herself as a “black queer woman artist” and claims her parents are immigrants from Nigeria, but keeps her real identity secret. Of course, while she guards her own privacy, she doesn’t respect anyone else’s.

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