Air Force Police Fire on Attempted Base Breacher

( – US Air Force (USAF) police have fired at a driver who raced through the barrier at a Texas military base. With tensions rising over the war in the Middle East, our military has to be alert to the threat of terrorist attacks. There isn’t going to be any tolerance for potentially dangerous acts.

Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) is a major US military installation in San Antonio, Texas. It’s home to 80,000 people and includes two US Army facilities and three airbases. Among other things, the base hosts multiple USAF training units and an Army medic school. It’s a key part of our national defense, so of course it’s well guarded by armed security personnel.

On October 21, the guards at the gate to Camp Bullis, the US Army facility that hosts JBSA’s main ground combat training areas, saw a car approaching the gate “at a high rate of speed” and on the wrong side of the road. The vehicle failed to stop at the access control point, forcing the USAF Security Forces (formerly called Air Police) guarding the gate to open fire in self-defense. Several shots were fired at the speeding car, but the driver wasn’t hit and managed to get through the gate and onto the base. He spent several minutes inside the facility but wasn’t able to reach any of the training areas. He then turned around and managed to drive back out through the same gate.

Late on Saturday, the driver was arrested by San Antonio police officers around nine miles from the base after he was involved in another incident. A USAF press release says there were no injuries to Air Force personnel or damage to property. However, it’s likely military chiefs will be asking questions about how an intruder could get past armed guards twice at the same gate without being stopped.

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