Actress Reveals Her Cancer Has Spread

( – Actress Shannen Doherty, best known for her roles in “Beverly Hills, 90210” and “Charmed,” just revealed that her cancer has spread once again. The iconic television and movie star shared that she continues to fight despite the fact that the disease has metastasized to her brain — and now her bones. She says she doesn’t fear death, but she’s not ready to go yet.

Doherty’s battle began in 2015 when she underwent a single mastectomy and eight rounds of radiation and chemotherapy. She went into remission in 2017. Doctors found elevated tumor markers in her blood in 2018.

By 2020, her disease had progressed to stage four, meaning the cancer was spreading through Doherty’s body and growing tumors in new areas. She learned in January 2023 that it had reached her brain but waited until June to share the grim news. The actress posted a video on Instagram of her bravely but tearfully being prepped for her first new round of radiation treatment.

People reports that a surgery to remove the brain tumor left Doherty with damage to the motor skills in her right hand. She had to work intensely for months to regain the ability to use a fork and hold a glass without dropping it.

Despite all efforts, the cancer has continued to metastasize, most recently hitting Doherty’s bones. The actress believes the ordeal has given her a new perspective on life, and she’s grateful for every moment she has. She considers herself a spiritual person and implies that she feels positive about where she’s headed once her life is finished — but she isn’t ready to give up. The actress also defines herself as a “fighter” who won’t quit fighting.

IMDb states that Doherty began her acting career at the age of 10 when she landed a role in the television series “Father Murphy.” She went on to appear in several other series including “Little House on the Prairie” and “Our House.” The actress also saw success on the big screen, starring in hit films such as “Heathers,” “Mall Rats,” and “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.”

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