World Leaders Unite To Find Joe Biden In Contempt For His Inept Actions

World Leaders Unite To Find Joe Biden In Contempt For His Inept Actions

( – Since the Taliban’s completed takeover of Afghanistan, people have heard much about the implications for the US. So much so, in fact, it’s easy to forget this is an international problem affecting almost every country in the world. Now, some of those countries are questioning President Joe Biden’s exit strategy.

On Wednesday, August 18, the British Houses of Parliament slammed Biden’s withdrawal of troops from the region, using words like “shameful” and “catastrophic.” The UK is currently trying to devise an evacuation strategy for around 6,000 people, both British citizens, and eligible Afghans.

These weren’t partisan barbs, either. Lawmakers from both sides of Britain’s political aisle criticized Biden, including Labour Party Leader Keir Starmer. Lord Michael Howard, a past leader of the Tories, said the president’s mistakes concerning Afghanistan would be his “defining legacy.”

However, the man himself doesn’t think his international reputation has diminished at all. On Friday, President Biden remarked he didn’t believe America’s allies judged him negatively for his response to the situation. “Matter of fact,” he said, “the exact opposite.”

You would imagine one of Joe Biden’s many staffers would tell him what’s in the world news, but this reaction would appear to suggest otherwise.

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