Woman Suspects Something Eerie Happened to Her Missing Friend

(RepublicanJournal.org) – A Columbian-American woman spending time in Madrid, Spain, went missing on February 2. An unidentified person wearing a motorcycle helmet reportedly spray-painted the cameras outside her apartment building right before she disappeared. The woman’s traveling companion, who was planning to meet her days later, suspects something eerie happened to her friend.

Sanna Rameau received an unusual text message on February 3 according to Fox News. The woman claims it was worded strangely and contained content that was out of character for her traveling companion, Ana Maria Knezevic. Rameau states that she was planning on meeting her friend in Barcelona when she received the text from Knezevic’s phone claiming she had met a man in Madrid and planned to stay at his summer house for a few days.

Both Ft. Lauderdale locals, Rameau and Knezevic reportedly met at a social event in Florida and quickly became good friends over their shared love of travel. They lived within walking distance of each other, interacting regularly, and they visited Croatia, France, and Majorca together that summer. Barcelona was the next destination on their shared list. Knezevic bought tickets to travel there ahead of time, but News Nation Now reports that she never made it to the train station. It also shared previous voice messages that detail her search for a new apartment in the area and her upcoming plans to meet Rameau in Barcelona — more evidence that she wouldn’t drop everything for a man she’d just met. Another good friend, Brandee Smith, agrees that the messages are unusual and insists that the missing woman would never go as long as she has without touching base.

Knezevic had reportedly gone abroad to recuperate from a recent divorce. Her ex-husband, who is currently in Serbia, according to his family members, has been notably absent in the search to find her.

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