Woman Falls to Her Death Just After Being Proposed To

(RepublicanJournal.org) – A romantic story has ended in tragedy for a Turkish couple. Just moments after a delighted woman accepted her boyfriend’s marriage proposal, she lost her balance — and went over the edge of a 100-foot cliff. She didn’t survive the fall.

On July 6, Yesim Demir, a 39-year-old Turkish woman, and her boyfriend, Niamettin Gursu, drove to Polente Cape for a romantic picnic. It’s a popular, beautiful spot located near the city of Çanakkale and on the narrowest point of the Dardanelles strait. Couples often go there to sit on the clifftops and admire the view. Demir and Gursu planned to watch the sunset there — and Gursu had other plans, too. He’d decided it was the perfect place to propose, and he must have been delighted when Demir accepted.

Tragically, their happiness didn’t last long. Gursu said the pair had drunk some alcohol to celebrate, and then he went back to his car to retrieve their picnic. Before he got back, he heard a scream from the clifftop and, alarmed, he ran back to where he’d left his new fiancee. That’s when he discovered she’d fallen off the cliff and plunged 104 feet to the beach below.

Demir was still alive when medics arrived, and they struggled to save her for 45 minutes. Unfortunately, the damage was already done, and she succumbed to her injuries. Police then sealed the area for an investigation.

One of Demir’s friends said Polente Cape is a popular place for locals — “everyone comes and watches the sunset” — but not a very safe one. They added that the roads are bad and there’s nothing to stop people falling from the cliffs. After the tragedy, the clifftop area was closed off for more than a week, only reopening on July 15. Local authorities are now warning visitors to be more careful around the deadly cliffs.

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