Woman Demands To Be Let Off Plane After Seeing Imaginary Person

(RepublicanJournal.org) – A flight out of Dallas was delayed for three hours last week after a passenger had a meltdown. Video from other passengers shows the hysterical woman claiming someone on the plane wasn’t real. The video has been viewed millions of times on TikTok, but so far, nobody’s worked out what the woman’s problem was.

On July 2, a TikTok user shared a shocking video taken on an American Airlines flight at Dallas Fort Worth airport. The footage shows a visibly distressed woman walking towards the front of the plane, insisting she was going to get off and pointing at the back of the cabin as she screamed, “I am telling you right now – that m*****f***** back there is NOT real.” She went on to tell other passengers they could “sit on this plane and you can die with them… I’m not going to.”

The video gives no clue as to why the woman thought another passenger wasn’t real, why she thought someone who wasn’t real could die, or why she decided to create a dramatic scene after the plane had already left the gate.

Whether her unfortunate target was real or not, the inconvenience she caused to everyone else on the plane certainly was. The user who posted the video said the flight was delayed for three hours after the woman’s outburst forced the pilot to return to the gate.

American Airlines told journalists, “The flight was met at the gate by local law enforcement, and the customer was removed from the flight.” However, the original poster said she “somehow didn’t get arrested” and was able to get through security after all the other passengers were forced to get off the aircraft. The video attracted millions of views and many comments on TikTok but has now been removed, and the user has set his account to private.   

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