Wisconsin Republican Unveils Horrible Tragedy

(RepublicanJournal.org) – A Wisconsin lawmaker has just survived every parent’s worst nightmare, burying one of his children. Republican representative Derrick Van Orden released a statement unveiling the tragic news that his eldest daughter, Sydney Marie Martenis, had succumbed to cancer. She reportedly died peacefully with her family at her side.

Orden shared the heartbreaking news on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Tuesday, August 22. He stated that he was grief-stricken by the loss, but he and his family were also grateful that their loved one was at peace with God. Among the grieving members were the deceased’s husband, three children, her two parents, her grandmother, and three siblings. Martenis had bravely battled an aggressive form of cancer for over a year before it took her life.

Surviving husband, Chris Martenis, described his wife as an exceptional spouse and mother who was fiercely devoted to her family and worked to provide an enriching environment for their daughter and two sons. He noted her incredible work ethic, thoughtful character, and caring soul, stating she had helped him to become a better person as well.

Orden made headlines in July after he yelled at a group of teenage Senate pages for lying on the floor to take angled pictures of the Capitol Rotunda. He refused to apologize for the outburst, defending his actions by claiming the youths had been “goofing off” and “defil[ing]” the building. Jake Sherman, New York Times bestseller and founder of Punchbowl News, posted a photo on X that was allegedly taken on the night of the verbal attack. It depicts numerous liquor bottles and beer cans, both lined up across Orden’s desk and piled into his office trash can. According to Sherman, as per his reporter Max Cohen, Orden had been “partying loudly” with other staff members prior to his confronting the teens.

About a month prior, according to Daily Mail, Orden blew up at Freedom Caucus House members. He chastised them for holding up business while he attended “every f***ing day” despite the fact that his daughter was dying of cancer.

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