Wildly Beloved Foods Issues Pasta Recall for Mold Contamination

(RepublicanJournal.org) – An upmarket pasta maker has recalled two of its products. Wildly Beloved Foods, an artisan manufacturer based in Washington, found mold in packets of pasta in its store. Now it’s trying to retrieve dozens more packs it distributed.

Wildly Beloved Foods of Clinton, Washington, makes pasta for people who don’t just want to make good pasta; they want to make a social statement. It uses only organic ingredients, including imported Italian flour, and ships its products in environmentally friendly compostable packaging. Describing itself as a “pasta showcase,” the company takes pride in its handmade small batches; each load of dough makes just 30 bags of pasta. The pasta is sold fresh, frozen, or “slowly air-dried.”

However, something seems to have gone wrong recently. On June 24, Wildly Beloved recalled two batches of pasta, explaining that they were “under-dried.” The problem emerged when three bags in their own shop were found to contain signs of developing mold. Now the company has recalled all bags from the batches those bags belonged to.

The affected products are 10-oz bags of dried vegan pasta, in two varieties:

  • Campanelle (vegan) Dried, with expiration date May 17, 2025, and lot number WBF-SEMPLV-CL-051724-A
  • Orzo (vegan) Dried, with expiration date May 7, 2025, and lot number WBF-SEMPLV-CL-050724-A

The pasta was sold through Wildly Beloved’s store and distributed to Payless Foods and The Star Store in the Clinton area, as well as the Bayview, Everett, Redmond, Tilth, and Woodinvale farmers’ markets. So far there are no reports of illness caused by the pasta, but anyone who bought it should take it back to where they got it for a full refund. Anyone who has questions about the recall should contact the company at (360) 321-5000.

The Food and Drug Administration has added the recall to their reporting system.

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